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Nasi Goreng Pak Suyud: Delicious Fried Rice with Huge Portion

We know this place as recommendation from one of our high school friends, but according to Alia, this place has been here for ages -__-". Hmmm... Why I never tried it before is still a mystery, but the important thing is that we're here!
For this trip we are accompanied by four of our cousins and Christa, our friend from Netherlands. We were really surprised that she is cool to be taken to street food vendor like this, but as many great traveler used to say: The best food is not in the restaurant. The best food usually can be found along the streets.
Their specialty is Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle). What makes them tasted so great is that they still using coal to cook the rice and the noodle. This gives a distinct characteristics for the food which makes them tastier than their competitor.
Their portion is also huge. Note to ourselves, the next time we go here we might ordered one portion for two. Enjoy!

Nasi Goreng Pak Suyud
Jl. Mangga
Bandung - Indonesia

Note: Thanks for Anya who has kindly shared her pictures with us. You can also check her blog post here. 

The Vendor
The Coal Stove

The Nasi Goreng


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