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Daisy's Steak & Grill

It was after such a long day, I had to go to government office for survey permit of my research. It was quite exhausted because sometimes you need the extra energy to meet them, all the bureaucracy and not practical thing.

Actually this restaurant had opened two years but we haven't got the chance to come. Sometimes we forgot of the place because their location is secluded and nothing attractive about their facade. We only curious because their logo kind of remind us about American Diner.

So, we went there because it happened that we're in the area and passed the street on our way home and we hadn't have our lunch. The place was empty, there's nobody eat there and I was in doubt, "Really? Why there's nobody here? Is it because the food not good?" But Aswin insisted to have lunch there and I agree when I saw the credit card ads with text 40% discount. Wowww....yesss, we have a lunch here :) I'm sucker for discount things, especially related to food
It was nice actually, the emptiness of the place was relaxing and the food surprisingly good, though Aswin was disappointed because they can't make the steak in medium rare, close...but it as medium. I ordered beef quesadilas, while Aswin ordered sirloin steak with mushroom sauce. For the drink, because I hadn't have my coffee this morning, so I ordered their illy black coffee and Aswin was pinacolada. By the way, for our appetizer Aswin had onion rings and we both agree that it was the best onion rings we ever tried. It was crispy and the shape was good, thumb up!

As our dishes were finish, Aswin looked up the menu and see all other food they served and so he ordered another, the chilly. He said that when last time we ate chilly, ok, and the chilly was good, they served it with garlic bread.

So, we had good food and we had 40% discount also and we're considering that it making this day great!

So, Daisy's anyone?

Daisy's Steak & Grill
Jl. Ciliwung No. 14
Bandung - Indonesia
Ph. 022 915 09950
E. daisys_bandung@yahoo.com

Onion Ring

Chilly with Garlic Bread

Beef Quesadillas

Sirloin Steak in Medium Rare with Mushroom Sauce

Illy Black Coffee


Ice Tea


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