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Mie Baso Pangsit Miskam: Baso Place in South of Bandung

One of our cousin, Teh Dyah has mentioned this vendor many times. She says that this vendor is so delicious and fully visited every day, especially in weekdays because of their delicious noodle and meatballs. So, one day we determined to visit the place.

Fortunately, when we visited there, the place was not as full as expected. So, we could enjoy our meal peacefully. We ordered the Yamin (noodle with sweet soy sauce), meatballs and wonton. For the cost of Rp 14.000 (around US$ 1,3) you will get a hearty dish that can be guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. 

Last Saturday, we had the visit to this place with Aswin's parents and thankfully they love it, they said that it's an alternative for Mie Baso Akung, since the place always packed with people and we always had to wait for approximately 45 minutes.

After we had the baso, we bought the banana with chocolate and cheese, where the vendor was in front of the place and we had some conversation with him. So, apparently this place has been here for about one year and before they only usual street vendor somewhere and he said that the owner currently  also opened another stall near Gagas Ceria Playgroup and it's called Mie Sehat. After a while, the owner came to the place, surprisingly he was still young, around twenty or something. Wow...

So, like I expected they made the noodle and baso or meatball by themselves, so that's why the noodle taste different, more delicious and we can taste the freshness, and the meatball also different. The last visit I had their pangsit and yeah..it also taste good. So, are you baso lovers? You must visit this place! Enjoy!

Mie Baso Pangsit Miskam
Jl. Talaga Bodas No. 5
Bandung - Indonesia

The signage

The Vendor

The Outlet

Delicious Yamien


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