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Mini Cizz-Cake: Dessert to Indulge Yourself

Thanks to our little brother and sister, Ahyar and Ia, who has kindly enough to bring us this delicious cheese cake. Cizz is one of the many new bakery shops in Bandung, and it's specialization is on making cheese cakes. At first there are not many option to choose from the menu, but currently it seems they have large amount of option. Today we got Green Tea cheese cake (sorry, no photograph yet), Blueberry cheese cake, cherry cheese cake, and orange cheese cake. All of them are delicious, although our favorite is still the blueberry/ strawberry cheese cake.

The next time you are craving for cheesecake, this is one of the option to choose for. Enjoy!

Cizz - Cheesecake and friends
Jl. Laswi No. 1A
Bandung - Indonesia
Phone: (+6222) 723 0969
Fax: (+6222) 727 4697

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Blueberry Cheese Cake

Cherry Cheese Cake (?)

Orange Cheese Cake (?)

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