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Afternoon at Warung Talaga Parisz Van Java

@warungtalaga or Fat Bao? When we're choosing place to wait in Parisz Van Java. So,we decided to have a visit to Warung Talaga, since it was quite some time we had visited the place. Well, we always love Warung Talaga, because both us was considered as tahu or tofu fans, who can resist it?

So, Aswin decided to order his favorite appetizer there, kerupuk banjur with addition of kerupuk mie. It also my favorite snack since I was childhood and I'm fans of the oncom :) We also had tahu bletok and for the beverages, Aswin picked es kopi susu or ice coffee with milk and me, of course, my favorite beverages in Warung Talaga, es tape.

This one is another writing about Warung Talaga

Warung Talaga
Paris Van Java Glamour level D-12A
Bandung, Indonesi a
Ph. 022 7050 1088, 022 7050 1099
Visit the website

Kerupuk Banjur
Kerupuk Mie
Tahu Bletok
Es Tape
Ice Coffee with Milk


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