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Wingz O Wingz (Again!)

We have covered quite a lot about our favorite chicken wings vendor in here and here. So, in this post we just wanted to inform you that now they also sells new menu. We think to compete with other chicken wings vendor such as Richeese, they also serves a very hot (and spicy) food. So the new menu are spicy fried rice, and hotplate chicken wings. With one of our closest friend, Saldy, we try those new menus. The hotplate chicken wings tasted OK, but we still prefer their signature pepper and cheese chicken wings. While for the spicy rice is VERY hot. It's so hot, that can even makes two full grown man burst in tears of flame. So, you better watch out the next time you ordered the spicy rice. Enjoy!

Wingz o' Wingz Cafe & Resto
Jl. Naripan No. 42A
Phone: (+6222) 4236436
Email: wingzowingz@yahoo.com
Facebook: wingz o wingz
Twitter: @wingzowingz

Their Signature Spicy Wings

The Spicy Rice

Vanilla Raisin Pancake


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