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Yoshinoya at ITC Kuningan

Yoshinoya has been rave by everyone that it has delicious taste and considering it as recommended fast food.

Actually, we've been seeing this restaurant at Grand Indonesia but haven't had the chance to try. So, it was our usual trip to Jakarta, I forget the occasion, and Aswin had planned to go to ITC Kuningan to buy the screen guard & also case for Creative Ziio. We couldn't find it anywhere in Bandung, well maybe because not many people aware of the gadget.

After we got the screen guard and case for the Ziio, we looked around to find places to eat here. Suddenly Alia remembered that there's a Yoshinoya branch just opened here in ITC Kuningan. After a while searching for the location (it turned out they opened a new section in the mall), we finally found the place.

We ordered their signature dishes from the menu (actually it's been a while, so we've kinda forget the correct item that we ordered. Will inform you on our next visit there). The taste was very great! No wonder they mentioned it was the number one beef bowl in Japan. Look forward to go there again soon. In the mean time, Itadakimashu!

ITC Kuningan
Jl. Prof. Satrio
Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone: (+6221) 500566
Web: http://www.yoshinoya.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshinoya
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/yoshinoyaid

The Stand

The Menu

The Decor

Side Dishes and Beverages

The Main Course #1

The Main Course #2


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