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Mangkok Ayam at Setiabudi Market

I think it was our 4th visit to Mangkok Ayam, last time we were here, we're meeting my friends, @dianputi who had vacation in Bandung. We haven't write in here about this Mangkok Ayam. Actually, Setiabudi Supermarket has been my favorite supermarket in Bandung, but considering the location is quite away from our current house (around 6 km), so we rarely visiting this place. There's two eating place we love in the Supermarket, The Kiosk and Mangkok Ayam.

Mangkok Ayam is known for it's Bakmi Rendang, the hot and spicy noodle. We've been recommended to go here and taste the Bakmi. At the first visit to the Mangkok Ayam, I tried the Bakmi Rendang which had very hot and spicy flavor and yes! it was HOT!! What I can see was chilli all over the noodle and even more at the base of the bowl. If I could explain how spicy it was maybe it was like Mak Icih Lv. 10 or maybe more, like the Richeese Chicken Wings Lv. 5. I guess it was very spicy.

But the last two times visit, the Bakmi Rendang wasn't too hot. We assumed that they discontinued the very very very hot Bakmi Rendang because many people complained about it. That's sad for me because I think what interesting from this place is the very hot Bakmi, but I think people like Aswin who don't like spicy food would say, "Alhamdulillah, the evil has gone!" :D But still they put the picture of Bakmi Rendang in fire.

So, enough about the Bakmi Rendang, at our visit this time, Aswin ordered Hainan Rice with Duck which cost around Rp. 25.000,- and I just ordered Kuotie because I already ate Doner Kebab, but I think I can't resist the temptation of the Bakmi Rendang, so I ordered one and hope the very hot one taste like the first time we're here, but no, it wasn't.

The interior of restaurant itself has chicken theme, from statue to the lamp, and near the cashier I saw a lot of statue with neon color, which I thought it looked like Pokemon and Pikachu, but actually it was chicken and it was a gift for the customer for every payment Rp. 75.000,-. So, we got one and I picked the blue one, cute! I had the little statue duck from Conrad and now I had this one :)

So, forget about Indomie Rendang the taste not as good as this. Enjoy!

Mangkok Ayam 

Jl Doktor Setiabudi No. 42-46 
Setiabudi Building, Ground Floor
Bandung, Indonesia 40141

Bakmi Rendang: Hot & Spicy!
Hainan Rice with Duck
Snack Corner
Gift for every payment of 75k


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