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Warung Steak Pasadena

I will begin this post with an unusual plead.

In Bandung, there were so many old school steak house which serves great steak, but with the presence of new funky so called steak house with no identity, the old school steak house have become a rare vendor.  Sometimes it amazes me to eat in a so called steak house, but they also served rice, japanese, and even chinese food in it. I mean, c'mon! Steak house should only serves steak and potato, not steak with rice. Italian food is acceptable for me, but Indonesian, Chinese, even Japanese food? -_-".

Sadly, because they upheld the tradition and only serves steak (and the occasion Italian food), most of the new customers do not goes there. The result is whether they changed the strategy (and sells wider range of foods), or rely on regular customers who really liked the old school way.

The same case is probably happening in this steak house. We have been passing this vendor everytime we went to Paris Van Java (PvJ). Every time we passed it we swear to visit it the next time we went to PvJ. Finally after tenth or so visit to PvJ, we decided that we should go there exclusively without going to PvJ first.

The place is very old school, which we liked, a lot. Their menu is very straight forward, which we liked, a lot. They can serves the meat in accordance to our request, in this case medium rare, which we liked, a lot. And they serves a big portion of steak. So big, we thought we ordered a steak in Texas (where everything is bigger there), which we liked, a lot. Lastly, their price is very affordable, around Rp 60.000 (US$ 6) per portion, which we really liked, a lot.

In the end, this steak vendor is a dying breed. And for steak lover like us, we think it is one of the last few places in Bandung where we can get a great original old schooled steak.


Warung Steak Pasadena
Jl. Sukamaju No. 33 (in front of Pasar Sederhana)

The Interior

The Menu #1

The Menu #2

T-Bone Steak (can you see how big it is?)

Sirloin Steak (Huge!)

The Exterior


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