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Missing Your Homemade Lunch?

Sometimes you are craving for old-schooled homemade lunch. Too many exposure with fast foods, food courts, and all of those fancy new restaurants can make you feel bored and uninspired.

So when this new vendor opened near our house, we are excited. The flyer suggested that they provided great homemade meals with a very affordable price (a single set menu can cost you only Rp 10.000/ US$ 1). Strangely, they also serves Chicken Cordon Bleu and Sirlon Steak.
Hmmm... Perhaps they want to attract larger audiences...

I went there for lunch after a meeting at Telkom University. When I go there, there are high school student on a date (a very weird place for dating I might say), and several office workers already ordering lunch there.

I ordered their fried chicken, tofu, tempe, potato fritters, eggs, vegetable dish, and iced tea. For this portion of two it costed me around Rp 27.000 (US$ 2.7).  The taste was ok, and it really mend my craving for homemade foods. I have a feeling that this place will become regular when we are bored with fast food and fancy restaurants bombardments.


Kedai Rumah
Jl. Cijagra No. 18
Buah Batu - Bandung
Phone: +6222 95995507 / 7323815
Mobile: +62 88802037817
Blackberry PIN: 31156FBD

The Menu

Interior with Iced Tea Background

The Food #1

Interior #2

Full set menu


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