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Singing in the Rain Episode II: Batagor Ihsan

After finishing my coffee in cups coffee shop, then the walking journey started. The route that I was taking is through Braga street. When I was reaching the end of Braga street near Asia Afrika street, rain started to pour.

Panicked but determined to continue walking, I decided to make a pit stop at Batagor Ihsan. This batagor vendor is unique as they serves batagor with style between the over-the-top-pricey batagor which usually forked around Rp 6.000/ pcs, with the street-vendor-you-cannot-tasted-the-fish-but-still-good kaki lima batagor which usually costed just around Rp 1.000/ pcs.

With the price of Rp 2.000/ pcs you get above the average kaki lima batagor with great taste and value for money. More importantly, I got a place for warming myself and for waiting for the rain to stop.


Batagor Ihsan
Jl. Cikawao No. 27A
Bandung - Indonesia

The traditional batagor serving style

The batagor with soup version


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