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It's Satay Time!

After a movie time, we decided to go and eat something different. I already craved for satay for quite some time, and so when the opportunity arises, I decided to vote to eat Satay.

There are several prominent satay house in Bandung, but we have not tried Harris satay house for a while, so there is the place we are going. As usual, due to weekend time, the place was fully packed, but we managed to get a table before a horde of tourist comes and tried to occupied the whole place. We tried to ordered the chicken satay with no avail, since it turned out they only serves lamb satay. So we settled for lamb satay and soup with rice.

Their lamb is freshly chopped in front of us, literally! We sat and wait for the food to be served while looking at the chef expertly sliced the meat into cubes, skewer it, and grilled it. The result is a lamb satay which is fresh, easy on the teeth (I can say that it is as soft as a chicken meat), and delicious. Their soup is also fresh and tasted superb. The only thing to be worried here is their calories content. Perhaps sometimes I would make a recommendation for them to serves alternative meat such as chicken or beef. But other than that it is a vendor worth trying.

So if you do not have problem with cholesterol and calories, or just looking for a great meal, this is a place to visit.


Sate Harris
Simpang Lima (next to Bumiputera Building)
Jl. Asia Afrika

The front vendor

Fresh grilled lamb satay

Meat ready to be grilled
Finished product. Yummy!


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