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Singing in the Rain Episode I: Cups Coffee Shop

While waiting for Alia doing her thesis interview, I am staying in ITB for doing my own research. After a while and got bored, I decided to go home.
As I prefer to do things spectacularly, I decided to go home by... walking!

The fun thing to do when you are walking is that you can see more things when you are walking. And this applies to this coffee shop that we often passed by when we are going to ITB.

The place is quite small, but have a great design, ambiance, and quite inviting. I entered the coffee shop and are quickly greeted by great coffee smell. Yum!

The coffee shop owner was still young but are passionate with their coffee shop. I really liked it, as that means their coffee will be made from their heart.

When I tasted it, it turned out great! I guess we have a new favorite coffee shop vendor to go in Bandung. Yay!


CUPS Coffee Shop
Jl. Trunojoyo No. 25
Bandung 40115
Phone: +6222 4265092
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CUPSCoffeeShop

The Exterior

Iced Coffee

The Interior

Vietnamese Drip Coffee


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