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First Love Patisserie at Gandaria City

Really cute name for a cake stall, and it really IS a cute stall. With bold black and white color selection, it is hardly to be missed.
Their specialty is layer cake. A carefully 20-something layers of thin cakes being build using flavored spreading until it can become a full regular cake. With this kind of effort, now wonder it cost quite heavy, around Rp 25.000 (around U$ 2,6) per slice.
Well, like people always says, you cannot put a price tag to an art, and it is a piece of art in my eyes.
For the flavor, it kinda remind me of cakes make by Japanese cake shop. Very light and yet full of flavor.

Really cannot wait to have this food in Bandung soon (hopefully with more affordable price ^_^).


First Love Patisserie
UG Floor - Mainstreet Dining
Gandaria City

Thousand Layer Cake

The Cake Stall

The Display


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