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Congratulations on Passing Your Exam, Ruben!

This article is created exclusively to congrats our beloved regular contributor, Ruben Juliarto that just recently passing his final examination to be awarded a master degree in science management with an "A" score.

For the celebration dinner, he kindly took the gang to eat at Soleluna, one of our favorite restaurant in Bandung. Laughter, chatting, and jokes are flying during our dinner there.

Sadly, he just stayed in Bandung just for a while, as he is going to continue his language study in China. Good luck with your study there, and we wish you all the best!

Look forward to see you and chat with you again soon, Ruben! Don't forget to sent us some contributed articles while you are in China ^_^.


The relieved face after exam (Colin & Ruben)

Nachos & Guacamole

Spanish Salad

Paella con Negroz

Ruben & Djukie

Colin, Ruben & Djukie

Alia, Colin, Ruben & Djukie (I forgot to ask the waiter to take photos of us -_-")


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