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Kopi Goes Scooter!

One of our newest favorite food stalls to be found in Bandung.
If you a regular visitor of Riau Junction, you must be aware of this kopitiam style restaurant called Kopi Scooter. It is located on the 1st floor, near the elevator and you won't be missed it.

This so called "Kopi Scooter" is located in the 2nd floor of Riau Junction. This stand sells a mixture of Indonesian/ Malaysian/ Singaporean food.

The restaurant serve all kind of chinese food, including dim sum. In this visit we've had a brunch after we went to Pramita Laboratorium because Aswin had to do some blood test and also done some groceries shopping in Griya. Aswin ordered toast bread with cheese and I ordered the hot rendang noodle, well trying to compare it with the one in Mangkok Ayam. For the beverages, the usual tea (in big glass).

Their bread is quite ok, but their noodle tasted superb! Especially their broth. We can taste a hint of ginger in their broth, which adds a new dimension to their noodle dishes.

Also their Kuo Tie tasted quite great, and compared with other vendors, it is quite relatively affordable.

The food was quite good and the place was nice. It is suitable for hangout with a friend or just waiting in case the groceries shopping make you bored.

So, the next time your spouse is asking you to take her to shop in Riau Junction, don't worry, as you can have an alternative for waiting her in this vendor.


Bakmi Ayam (Chicken Noodle)

Kuo Tie

Kopi Scooter
Riau Junction 2nd Floor
Jl. Riau


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