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Blast to the Past!

Do you remember movies made by the talented the late Adi Bing Slamet, Benyamin Sueb, and Sophan Sophian? Do you want to repeat the past by watching the legendary Indonesian movies such as Tutur Tinular, Bayi Tabung, or even the famous Catatan si Boy? (The original one, not the remake one).

Then you should try to eat in Warung Misbar!
The ambiance takes you back in the past, when those famous actors and actress are in their heyday. Besides the entertainment, you can also enjoy their foods and drink which is quite ok (especially when they named your beverages as "Es Kabayan Saba Kota").


Warung Misbar
Jl. Riau

Es Kabayan Saba Kota

Es Samson Betawi

Kerak Telor Ayam

The Unique Ticketing System


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