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Breakfast at Hotel Bidakara

Going to Jakarta with my Dad, accompanying him to a meeting. I also used the time to spread my dissertation interview letter to several property developer there.

The meeting was taking place in Bidakara Hotel, and we stayed there for a night because the room was already being prepped for us.

What always interested me when staying in a hotel are their gym and their breakfast menu. Their gym was ok, although I didn't have the time to try them (maybe next time), but the breakfast will never be skipped by me :).

Their menu is quite standard, but what interested me is that they also added Traditional Indonesian menu, instead of the standard American Breakfast. So here, we can find Surabi (Indonesian pancake) and other delicious sweet treats. Quite a change for a breakfast menu.


The Breakfast Menu

The Pancake Station

Bidakara Hotel
Jl. MT. Haryono
Jakarta - Indonesia


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