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All About Korea...

Not just the K-Pop wave that are plaguing the world. Their cuisine is also invading the universe.
And Indonesia, as one of the most lucrative market for Korean wave does not want to be left behind.

Now you can easily found Bibimbap (Korean Rice Dish) and Kimchi (Korean Fermented Cabbage ~ Appetizer) in Jakarta, Bandung, and other big cities in Indonesia.

One of the prominent Korean Restaurant in Bandung is this Meong Ja. Their branch can be found in Sarijadi area and in Riau Junction. Their price is quite high, but it is worthed if you wanted to have Korean taste in your palate.


The Menu #1

The Menu #2


Korean Noodle

Meong Ja
Riau Junction Food Court 4th Floor
Jl. Riau


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