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Gandhi Steak at Teras Kota BSD

When Gandhi was opening a new branch in BSD, I was super excited. This establishment has been a landmark for steak house in Jakarta for long time. Just like Tizi's for me in Bandung.

And it was worth every penny :) (and it does, as Gandhi can be considered quite expensive compared with other new steak house)  I experienced a very traditional yet delicious steak dinner here. Opened with bread and butter (nowadays it is not quite common for steak house to serve this type of service), the steak which can be ordered medium, the sauce which are separated from the steak, and pickled onion. 

Yummy! Will definitely coming back here again soon :).


Gandhi Steak House
Teras Kota Ground Floor

The Bread & Butter before Dinner

The Logo

The Beverages

The Steaks

Pickled Onion and Chili



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