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Dimsum Time!

Been craving for Dim Sum for a while. Anthony Bourdain article about Dim Sum and Din Tai Fung also makes it worse. The closest thing that we have to Din Tai Fung in Bandung is the Duck King. And luckily, they have a promo of Dim Sum menu at the cost of Rp 9.800 (US$ 1) per portion.

Yum! Let just say that our craving have (almost) been healed for now. Maybe next time we can try the Din Tai Fung that we've craved on. Anyone wants to treat these two university students? Hehehe...


The Duck King
Bandung Supermal - 3rd Floor
Jl. Gatot Subroto 289, Bandung 40273
Phone: +6222 8734 1808
Fax: +6222 8734 1809

Cha Siew Su Panggang

Tim Siew Mai

Tim Ayam Cha Siew Pao

Bakpao Wijen Hitam dan Liang Yong

Tim Lo Mai Kai with Pacific Clam #1

Tim Lo Mai Kai with Pacific Clam #2


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