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Sushi Origami Ganesha

Another sushi stand in our beloved city. I guess Bandung people will never run out of creativity and ideas on opening a business venture here :).
This sushi stand is opened in Jalan Ganesha, near ITB (in front of Warung Pasta). The stall is quite minimalist. Pickup car which doubles as food truck.
It serves sushi and many other Japanese food, and price wise is quite suitable for ITB college students (notice that I didn't use the word "affordable" here).
And the interesting part is that they also available for catering service. Hmmm... Quite interesting. Maybe we can use it sometimes, let say for a Lebaran or other Holiday festive perhaps?


Chicken Katsu Curry

The Name Card (if you planned to have a catering service)

Sushi Origami
Jl. Ganesha (in front of Warung Pasta)
Bandung - Indonesia


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