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L(br)unch at Kitchenette

That day Aswin and I were going to Jakarta because Aswin had an appointment with someone at Plaza Indonesia. So, I was waiting for Aswin until he finished the meeting and also took Jum'at prayer at Kitchenette. I was planning to go here, but I guess that day I had the chance to enjoy sitting at one of their chair and look at the passer by. It was the place meet the concept to see and to be seen. I think I was going there around 10 am, so the place quite empty because from what I've heard this place always packed with people, especially on meal time.

So, I ordered hot cappucino and the infamous red velvet cupcake, but too bad they didn't have any yet, so I picked red velvet whoopie pie. I decided to order lunch after Aswin got back for Jum'at prayer. Like I expected the coffee taste great and the pie...superb. I also like the interior of the restaurant, I guess that's why many restaurant in Bandung, such as Le Marly and Sugar Rush -the one we currently visited- are copying their interior. It looked like vintage kitchen. The service also great, considering of the price, I guess with the price like that they should have great service. Well, they even had a bag for my bag, so the bag wouldn't get dirty and I wouldn't be sitting while holding my bag on my lap.
Bag in a "bag"
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie
Hot Cappucinno

When Aswin came around 1 pm, it's definitely like what I heard, the place was full. In the right side of my table there were 6 children with their parents and two baby sitter and at the back of my table I think they're people who were working in this are took their lunch. So, I guess it was right decision to stay here early.

I ordered their galettes, the savory crepes and it was their specialty, kind of forget of the name. I think there were cheese, beef bacon, and potato chips, what I remember is the price, around Rp. 60.000,- well quite expensive for crepes. But the crepes was huge and taste awesome, well comparing to what I had in Le Marly, for the price like that if the galettes not good I think I will smack the chef on the head...kidding. Aswin picked homemade mac & cheese for his lunch and some tea with fruit on a jar for his drink. I tasted the mac & cheese and that's what I called mac & cheese, the taste of the cheese was delicious. I think they used good quality of parmesan and cheddar cheese.

The galettes, savory crepes
Homemade mac & cheese
Tea with fruit in a jar (actually it's not the name)
Cute detail on the floor

Well, it was time to pay and yup...the lunch cost us Rp. 250.000,- Well, comparing to the price of the food in Bandung, the price kind of high. Of course, don't compare it with the Valley in Bandung, with the same price, Kitchenette had more in quality. But, I really would like to come here again maybe with someone treating us. *evil smile*


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