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What is the connection between Batagor Abuy & Martabak Sakura?

Batagor Abuy
Martabak Sakura's stall
What is the connection between Batagor Abuy and Martabak Sakura? Well, they even quite different type of food. Ok, it is in Bandung, right, but more specific they are in the same spot.

The food court on jalan Lengkong Besar Bandung, open from 4 pm. That day we're buying the martabak for our dinner the savory one of course, but the the sweet one never failed to tempt us. So, we also ordered the sweet one, I think it was the half chocolate peanut and the other half cheese or we call it 'campur'. Aswin never like the chocolate with the peanut one, he said it really taste not good, but for me it kind of classic. It remind me of my childhood moment, the martabak mini street vendor who always there in front of my school, from kindergarten through senior high, there always this type of street vendor. So, chocolate and peanut, it is yay for me.

Back to the food court, and while we were waiting for the martabak, luckily there was no queue, because like when I bought martabak good, there's no people around but the queue was very long, we ordered batagor abuy. This batagor, in my opinion, is the best batagor in Bandung, well I don't like batagor Kingsley and batagor Riri. Batagor Abuy has intense flavor of fish and the best one you can never find anywhere is their peanut sauce, hot, spicy and delicious.

Batagor Abuy, I love thee!


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