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Azuma @90 Gourmet, Jl. Riau Bandung

After several times of planning and re-planning to go here, and many cancelled trips or detours, finally we are visiting the 90 Gourment at Jl. Riau, Bandung. The reasoning of the cancelled trips varies, but mostly is due to the unavailability of parking space, and long line of waiting list.
Today, on my dad's 60's birthday, finally we can go here. Too bad Ahyar, Ia, and little Dimas could not make it here. Fortunately, the place is quite empty (although the parking space is still a big issue). The restaurant itself consisted of three main restaurants: Azuma, Cherry Blossom and Patio. Azuma serves Japanese food, Cherry Blossom serves Western food, while Patio is more like Italian restaurant with a bar on their balcony. Azuma opens with regular time, while Patio closes a little bit late (around 12 PM). They also have a cupcake store in the front area called Butter Cream.
We go and try to eat at Azuma. The interior and decor are outstanding. Very detail and clean. The food in overall tasted great. Look forward to visit them again in the future. Itadakimashu!

The Restaurant Signage: Very Japanese!
Their one of signature drink, Kiwi Cucumber
Spicy Salmon Maki
Special California Roll
Shrimp Pasta
Strawberry Juice
Blueberry Juice
Sirloin Steak
Surprise ingredients inside the Kiwi Cucumber (can you guess what it is?)
The entrance
90 Gourmet
Jl. Riau No. 90
Bandung, 40141 - Indonesia
Phone: +6222 4203295


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