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Pastry with Ragout Filling from Victoria Bakery

We've been constantly writing about this Victoria Bakery & Cafetaria in previous posts like here and here. We rarely come here, just couple of time and in the past time we often went to the library or store that rent books in front of the bakery. One day, our relative gave us  this pastry from Victoria, we doubted that it will be delicious, from outlook appearance, I think it like banana pastry or pisang molen from Kartika Sari. Then our thoughts are wrong, it was pastry but inside there's variety of ragout, from vegetable only to sausage and the taste was VERY delicious, I means I never taste pastry like this at Kartika Sari or Primarasa. My sister in law also said the same that it is very good.

So, if you look another alternative for gifts from Bandung once you have vacation here, considerate this option because I think the pisang molen just too ordinary and once you try this you will never get enough.

Victoria Bakery and Cafetaria
Jl. Pager gunung No. 7 Bandung


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