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Sugarush: New Hang Out Place in Braga

'Love' in the air. It's still February

Churros and Braga. What is the connection? Ok. Braga Permai, The Kiosk, or Sumber Hidangan doesn't provide that kind of food. Well, it's new place in Braga just beside Circle K. The place look inviting from outside, it's dark, vintage and bar look-a-like in the inside. Well, bar doesn't have heart shape ornament, eventhough it's February.

The food kind of...ya 3 of 5 stars, well, I'm not a food critic, but yeah..considering the price I guess it's all right. The churros, I imagined it will be huge one like we had in KL, but I guess it's the mini version one, I think I'll choose the cakue at Palasari market :) Baked rice and the pasta was good.

So, this place is great for hangout with friends or just to watch the traffic jam on jalan Braga and feel the ambience of Braga area.

The 'Bar'
Churros Classic
Bavarian Sausage Pasta
Beef Baked Rice
Ice Lemon Grass Tea


  1. It's supposed to be Sugarush, isn't it? CMIIW. And btw if you ever come again, try black crumble both pancake/waffle.
    Cheers! :D

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for the correction.
    Sure! The next time we go there we will try their pancakes. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Bon Appetit!

  3. Hai, blogwalking and find your great blog...I love to explore Bandung also and really wish to visit Sugarush next April...have you ever tried Origin in Jl. Sumatra? I heard it's a new happening place in Bandung also...

    Visit me in http://eatinguntildiee.blogspot.com

    Salam foodblogger hehe...

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog. Yeah...Origin is one of our favorite restaurant in Bandung, we've already wrote about the place http://jejakrasa.blogspot.com/2011/09/origin-restaurant-with-healthy-food.html :D