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Martabak "GOOD": Probably the Best Martabak in Bandung

It was Wednesday night. I was feeling exhausted because I was stuck in the beauty salon for 6 hours and because I need to buy some foods for our dinner and I was in the neighbourhood, then why try some. I always remember that my mother used to buy this martabak when I was a little and the difference with the other is that the thick layer and yup..the martabak lasted for three days for both of us.It's on jalan Cibadak no. 84, in front of some electrical store called Diana, and if you kinda lazy to look just ask tukang parkir, they available every two meters on jalan Cibadak.

Other things, you should try the savory one, they had unique filling, such as mushroom chicken, corn, cheese, the one that you never find in any other martabak stalls, even the infamous San Fransisco.

The Packaging
Martabak...Look Yummy
The Stall from the Front
The Stall
The Thick Layer of Martabak


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