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Bali (Culinary) Trip in July 2012: Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant in Kuta

It was our last night in Bali, actually at 9 pm we had to go the airport for our flight to Bandung. After we checked out from the hotel, we spent out last hours in Kuta area since it was closed to the airport and we can see many places by walking.

Well, actually we already had our late lunch at Dijon. So, after we hang around at Discovery Mall to watch the sunset and also some music and dance performances in the event called KOMPAK!, company social responsibility (CSR) done by PT. Semen Gresik, we decided that it wasn't holiday in Bali if we didn't go to Ryoshi.

Ryoshi is Japanese restaurant, which we could only find in Bali. At first, we went here couple years ago, when we even not considerate as foodie. We found Ryoshi when we strolled around the area and thinking that the place was cute, we should try it. Well, after a while my friend who reside in Bali told us that it was quite famous restaurant in Bali and the sushi were good. Yeah, we thought that too, the place was nice and the food was great. We fallen in love with Ryoshi at that time.

When we came here last time, Ryoshi was small place on the upper side of Batan Waru Cafe and the place just looked like restaurant that we saw in Japan from television. So, this time we found out that it was being renovated and the place more spacious, it has outdoor seating area. While the building was simple but somehow it still had Japanese atmosphere. It has unique design.

We ordered small portion, just salmon skin roll, yakitori, with one rice set for both of us and the drinks were hot ocha and cold ocha. Well, they still serving great sushi after all this time and place that you can't missed out when going to Bali.


Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta
Bali - Indonesia
ph. 0361 766301

The entrance, side by side with Batan Waru Cafe
The hallway #1
The hallway #2
The outdoor seating area
A glimpse of the indoor seating area from our seat
The menu
The sushi: salmon skin roll
Yakitori and rice set, including miso soup
The drink: hot ocha and ice ocha


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