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Bali (Culinary) Trip in July 2012: Pia Susu Asli Enaak, Denpasar

One of the main gifts people brings when they are visiting Bali, the place itself is quite secluded, and quite hard to find. It is located inside an alley which if you don't know the exact location, you are doomed to be lost.

After a while (with a lot of asking questions to the nearby vendor) we finally reached the place. Even when we are reaching out the place, there are several seller of Pia (small pie) that create a confusion for you on which are the correct and original seller. But, thankfully we've managed to reach the place.
The vendor doubled as the factory. From miles away you can already smell the dough being cooked and the Pia being prepared. Delicious aroma!

We purchased 5 box of the Pia, and guess what? It only takes us around 3 days to finished the whole Pia off. Really.Delicious! 

Pie Susu Asli Enaaak
Jl. Wahidin No. 35 (store)
Ph. 0361 8568058, 436972
Jl. Nangka Gang Nuri II No. 23x (factory)
Ph. 0361 7842073, 263138
Bali - Indonesia
Twitter: @PieSusuEnak

PS: Today is Aswin's Birthday, so I would like to say: Happy Birthday Aswin! Wish you all the best! Love, Alia :D

The infamous Pia Susu Asli Enaak

The surrounding area
The signage
The production area #1
The production area #2
The packaging area 
The pie susu just came out from oven taste very good!


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