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Disini Bakery: Facade, Interior and What's Inside the Fridge

I've been rambling about Disini cupcakes here and here and finally, I've been able to take pictures of the bakery. I really like the cupcakes here and there always new flavor of cupcakes to be found. So, we looked the store's fridge and took pictures what were things they sold. There was rainbow cake, the color looked inviting and make us drooled and the price is Rp. 24.500,-/slice. You also found rows of colorful cupcakes, custard pudding, black forest cakes for Rp. 95.000,- and other things.

I find the taste of cakes here are very light and also their cream. So, based on their delicious cupcakes, the other things like breads and cakes here are also recommended.

Disini Bakery
Jl. Cikawao No. 14
Bandung - Indonesia

The Signage

The Famous Rainbow Cake
Custard Pudding
Red Velvet Cake 
Black Forest Cake
Our Purchase: Breads, California Roll, etc
Mango Cheese Cupcake...Nyaaam


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