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Papaya's Onigiri

Along the way, while we go and eat at Myeong Ga, we also go and visit the Papaya Supermarket. Here they have a vast of delicious snack and food to offer. One that intrigued me is their famous Onigiri. For you who haven't heard about Onigiri, it is basically a rice with fillings wrapped in seaweed, which usually being given to students as their lunch in Japan. Full explanation on Onigiri can be found here.
The onigiri design in Papaya is very unique. They even have direction on how to open and eat it. Very convenient! Next time we go there, we will try to have more Onigiri there. Itadakimashu!

The Onigiri (And Direction to Open it)

Papaya Supermarket
Jl. Sukajadi No. 201
Bandung - Indonesia


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