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Myeong Ga: Korean Corner at Papaya Supermarket

One of our cousin Icha, once mentioned about this Korean Restaurant that serves a delicious noodle dish, so without hesitation we drove there to find out. This time we are accompanied by Ramala, one of our architect friend from college.

The place is located as part of Papaya Supermarket in Sukajadi area. The place is tiny, but yet clean and looks promising. Alia ordered the Ramyun (Korean noodle), I ordered their Beef Kas, while Ramala ordered the Bibimbap. Overall the taste is very good! Really look forward to go here again! Jal Mogessemnida!

Myeong Ga - Papaya Supermarket
Jl. Sukajadi 201
Phone: 022-2038878

We just found out that Myeong Ga is actually a restaurant located at Jl. Surya Sumantri. Will share you the update as soon as we go there.

The Logo

The Restaurant Montage


Beef Kas

Hot and Spicy Ramyun