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Braga Huis: Restaurant with Vintage Atmosphere

We have been curious about this place for a while, as every time we go passed Braga we always see this place and say to each other: "We should drop by here sometimes..."
And in one rainy day, we think it was excellent time to stroll around Braga street and had lunch at the not-so-new restaurant in Braga, Bragahuis.
We go there not in eating hour, so we got the whole place for ourselves. There first thing that comes up in our mind is that: "This place is so vintage!". We choose to eat in front of a large window, where we can see people and cars passing by (and they in return can see us eat :P). 
The food is OK. For me the plus point is that they can serve a medium rare steak! Nowadays, especially in Bandung, it is quite hard to find a good steakhouse that can serve medium rare steak, even in some of the top restaurants in Bandung. So that really makes my day. Also, price wise is quite affordable.
So the next time you want to eat good food AND enjoy great atmosphere (and view), be sure to drop by here. Bon Appetit!

Braga Huis
Jl. Braga No. 47
Bandung - Indonesia
Twitter: @BragaHuis
Open: 4am to 1pm Off: Monday 

Front Facade & Interior 

Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Medium rare! (at last!)
Cheesy Mushroom Fettuccine 
Fresh Strawberry Juice
Dilmah Hot Peppermint Tea


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