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The Famous Tahu Susu in Lembang

Instruction how to made tahu susu
The main ingredients of tahu
I have ever mentioned about tahu susu once, Tahu Susu Cihanjuang, the one Aswin and I often enjoy, but this one maybe the most famous tahu susu in Bandung surrounding area. Maybe you have visit this place once or maybe never. The place that sell tahu susu Lembang, of course, is located in Lembang. It used to be gas station and turn into this tourism area called "Tahu Lembang" with big capital letter on its front facade.

Actually, the place short kind of pujasera with style. It has playground for kids, kiosk and stalls for foods, also common eating area, but not all the foods in here have to be related with tahu, there are Sundanese restaurant, bakso, and grilled sausage. The interesting part of the place, there is tahu susu factory that you can see how tahu susu is made.

The ingredients of tahu susu are soy bean, milk, butter, salt, garlic, cumin, and water.The tahu susu have a distinctive texture, it is softer than the usual tahu and also taste awesome. There is two kind of tahu, the white and yellow one, people usually like the yellow one because the color more appealing and you don't have to fry it long just like the white one.

The white tahu
The yellow tahu
The interior of factory
Common seating area
Aswin ordered kupat tahu susu, tahu crispy, and grilled sausage. For the drink we ordered, walini tea and soy milk. The place is quite good for hanging out with your family and friends, especially when you are crazy about tahu.

Kupat tahu susu
Tahu crispy
Grilled Sausage

Tahu Lembang
Jl. Raya Lembang
Jawa Barat - Indonesia


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