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Lunch at Dapur Iga with Friends

Iga Woku
Iga Oriental

Tuesday is a long day for me because there is class from 7 am till 3 pm, but fortunately we still have two hours for having lunch. The week has been such a hectic one because it was mid term test week and I had to do three papers in a week... fiuhhh...so much for writing.

So, actually we were planning to come to this place from weeks ago because Monike bought the voucher from disdus for Rp. 12.000,-/person for a package for 4 persons. So, that day was perfect day, it was like our "celebration" after mid term test.

Well, I'm not fan for Iga, it has high cholesterol and calories is around 500 (Oh...my..) But, it is about having lunch together with friends, so why not? I ordered Iga Woku, the spicy one and yeah the taste Ok for me but didn't consider to come again hehehe.

But, if you want to eat Iga with different taste, Dapur Iga is the right place :)

Dapur Iga
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 138
Area Level FO


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