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Lily Patisserie: Cakes!

I always pass by this bakery shop and numerous time I've been told that the cakes in this bakery is great. But why I never interested? Then, one day our friend asked us to buy Hongkong Cheese Cake for him, because he is now living in Jakarta and that weekend we will be going to Jakarta.

At first, we're going to buy the whole cake but Alhamdulillah there's a tester cake and once we tasted it. Okay, forget it, it just not quite good for our tongue. I still think that Cheese Cake from Miki Ojisan No Mise is the best Cheese Cake.

But, if you come to Bandung and bored with Primarasa and Kartika Sari, just come to this Bakery and maybe you will find that you like it. Who knows...

Hongkong Cheesecake Rp. 50.000,-

Irish Coffee Cake Rp. 25.000,-


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