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Lengkong Culinary Tour Part 1: Jakarta

As most of our family members are food fanatics, then one day we decided to try several locations in Jakarta to try tasted some of the famous and trendy restaurants there. So on one beautiful Sunday, Three of our cousins (Rendy, Icha & Anya) and us drives together to try several restaurants in Jakarta. We called this trip "Lengkong Culinary Tour Part 1: Jakarta". We are having a blast there, and we are looking forward to try to again in the near future.

1. Ramen  38 Sanpachi, Bintaro, Tangerang
    The first location that we attend. It is famous with their Ramen, especially with their fiercely hot soup. 

Sanpachi Ramen 38, Bintaro
Culinary Tour Participants #1
The Menu
Culinary Tour Participants #2
Culinary Tour Participants #3
The Famous Ramen #1 (Maboh Men Ramen)
Tori Kaarage
The Famous Ramen #2

2. Burger Blenger, Bintaro, Tangerang
    Our second stop drives us to Blenger Burger. They are famous with their fresh grilled hamburger & hot    
XL Chili Dog & Beverages
Icha tries their famous Beef Burger

Culinary Tour Participants #4

3. Domino's Pizza, Kemang, South Jakarta
    The next stop is Domino's Pizza. Already famous abroad, but still new in Indonesia. They serves a very
     fresh pizza with very precise time management.

Domino's Pizza, Kemang
Their Signature Logo & Box
The outlet
The Pizza
The Side Dishes
Happy (and already full) participants
4. Burger King, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
    Another famous franchise from abroad. Now you can taste their delicate burger here in Indonesia.
The Outlet

5. Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
    The last place that we've visited in Jakarta. Too bad the cafe was fully booked, so we can only take                  
    photograph from outside.
Happy and tired participants


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