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The Best Sundanese Food in Ciater: Warung Nasi Suka Rasa Marin

When you see the facade of the restaurant is just typical warung nasi you can find around the area and at lunch hour on Friday, not many people eat in here. Irma, one of my friend said she was always come here when she was going with her family to Subang and her family, since her grandmother had been customer here. So, you can see that the warung nasi has been there many years ago. The warung nasi was owned by a family and now their children are running this warung nasi.

What is the difference between this warung nasi with other you can find even the famous one like Laksana or Ampera? The gepuk, rice, fried paru, and sambal terasi, as Irma mentioned, even before we came to this warung nasi. The gepuk has different texture with the other one I have ever taste. The meat was so tender and the taste was great. When you eat with only gepuk, rice , and sambal terasi, it will feel so good and once is never enough.

The rice was different also, it was rice from Subang area and the texture was pulen (I don't know the term in English). The sambal terasi, maybe you will find it odd because the sambal was so red, the consistency was more liquid, and the taste was different. Well, as far as I know that was the real Sundanese sambal terasi, my grandmother used to make sambal terasi like that in Majalaya, and I usually had it with ulen or fried ketan. The red color come from the terasi, because Sundanese people often use terasi merah for their sambel. The fried paru, well,  I never like paru, but when I taste the fried paru that Irma and Ita ordered, it had different taste, it was so tender and not so bitter.

Gepuk Rp. 5000,-/pcs and Fried paru Rp. 8000,-/pcs
Lalapan, variety of vegetables
Hot tea, free of charge

Beside, the foods I mentioned above, there were also another foods like Sundanese restaurant had like tahu, tempe, fried fish, and so on. Before we eat, we take the food we're going to eat from the table and give them to the waiter so they can reheat the food. In here, you can take as many as rice, lalap and sambal because no matter how many you take, the price is just the same. That is the great thing about warung nasi, when your money is tight, you can just order one gepuk and then eat lot of lalap, sambal, and rice :)

The gepuk was so great, I even take away five more for Aswin to taste it at home. So, when you come to Sari Ater and after enjoying its hot spring. Just take a lunch or dinner here. Its gepuk will satisfy you and complete your hot spring experience.

Warung Nasi Suka Rasa Marin
Jl. Raya Ciater Subang No. 49
(Just before the junction heading to Sari Ater Hot Springs, on the right side of the road
if you come from Bandung)
p. 0260 470 737


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