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Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014: Some Travel Tips From Us...

For this post, we would like to share some travel tips, based on our experience taking the trip to Bali. This post acted more as a reminder for us when we will arrange another trip with similar setting with this trip to Bali. Hopefully some of the pointers that we share here can be useful for you guys out there.


  1. Prior to traveling, especially first time backpacking, you should open your tablet/ laptop and read some articles from the more seasoned backpacker all around the world. Our favorite article comes from PergiDulu, DuaRansel, and Bootsnall.
  2. Don't bring laptop unless you need them. We prefer to bring tablets or smartphone. Laptop usually weight around 2 kg at the very least, and it will burden you if you are not used to carry backpack.
  3. Only bring one set of everything. For example, we bring two sajadah for praying instead of one. This is still considered to be light, but what if for example you bring two laptops or other heavy objects?
  4. Bring one set of comfortable shoes. A good walking shoes/ outdoor shoes beats fashion every time you are traveling light.
  5. From our experience, unless you have a special requirement for your hair/ body, we suggested you buy your toiletries along the way. This also applies for your flip-flop (or thongs for you Australian :D).
  6. Book in advance. Seems like a no brainer, but it is true. You can get a cheaper price and better place when you book in advance. Some good hotel in Ubud required booking up to six months in advance.
  7. Towels usually already available in your hotel. Bring smaller towel for wiping your sweat during hiking, trailing or walking.
  8. Use plenty of sunblocks (this applies when you are traveling in tropic weather).
  9. Keep hydrated. Bring a bottle of water every time you walk.
  10. GPS is super handy. We practically ditched our travel map and use cell-phone maps.
  11. Get enough sleep. It is not funny when you are having a holiday and you are ill.
  12. Bring Universal Adapter. Preferably with 3-way socket.
  13. Keep you communication line alive (mobile phone, email, instant messaging). We usually separate our holiday email with our work email, so when taking holiday we only activated our holiday email. This becomes handy when the airline/ hotel/ pickup car need a last minute confirmation/ delay. For example, during our stay here, our airline are delayed and they sent us confirmation email two days in advance. If we have not got the news, we might arrive in the airport early and as you fellow travelers know, flight delay sucks!
  14. Smile!


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