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Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014: Warung Padang Putri Minang

While we are on the subject of Padang food, in this blog post, we will share to you another warung Padang that also quite famous here in Ubud. In fact, this place is so famous, that it has been covered in the Guardian, in one page with Lamak and Michelin starred Mozaic!

For me personally as someone who has Padang blood in my heritage, I have some kind of a weird habit when measuring which Padang restaurant that will become my favorite or not. There are two barometer for me: The restaurant will be considered my favorite if they can serve good Dendeng and Ayam Pop. This restaurant serves spectacular Dendeng. Very crispy and delicious. But there is another item in the menu that is making this restaurant one of my favorite place in Ubud: It is their Spring Roll. Crispy. Fresh. Delicious.

These two item in my opinion that makes the restaurant worth mentioned in the Guardian article :).


Warung Padang Putri Minang
Jalan Raya Ubud 77
Bali - Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 975577

Spectacular Dendeng and Spring Roll


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