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Our (Culinary) Trip with Yogalates Community to Floating Market, Lembang

Situ Umar in Lembang has been transformed into tourism destination called Lembang Floating Market. It has been quite popular nowadays, therefore in the weekend this place always packed with tourists.The location itself used to be a fishing area for the locals and some said that it was quite dirty and not so delightful. Situ Umar was not popular either.

It was a long weekend with two holidays in between, so on Thursday our yoga class decided to have a trip to Lembang Floating Market. Since it was a holiday, we took a detour through Cihanjuang area and stopped for a moment at Tahu Susu Cihanjuang. We were quite right because the traffic was awesome and we arrived at already hectic Floating Market.

Floating Market located behind the Grand Hotel Lembang and once you entered the place, you saw a little lake surrounding with beautiful landscapes and there were saung and seating areas around the lake. We had to pay Rp. 10.000,- (+ US$1) for a ticket, but it also included with the welcoming drink. Our friend, Mala, already arrived early, so she booked a saung for us. After that we sat, enjoyed the view, and saw people passed by. We decided to have ala carte snacks, it consisted of spiraled crispy fried potatoes, grilled sausages, batagor, satay, combro, and tutut. We had to exchange our money with coins that valued Rp. 5000,- and Rp. 10.000,- each. The interesting things the vendor stalls were a boat, so it was mimicking the floating market in Thailand or Kalimantan.

The area itself were tourism spot for family, it had a full package for every member of the family. On one side there's rabbit park for children and you can sail a boat in the lake. I just like sitting down in our saung, have the snacks, and saw people passing by in front of us. Well, it was scorching there, the sun shined so brightly.

Lembang Floating Market   
Jl. Grand Hotel  No. 33 E
Lembang, Kab. Bandung Barat
Phone: +62 22 2787766

 photo FM_3_zps236fc507.jpg
Situ Umar
 photo FM_2_zpsf07d4c13.jpg
The vendor with their stalls on the boat
 photo FM_5_zpsdbd0ca01.jpg
Interesting concept
 photo FM_6_zps90569b8d.jpg
Let's sail on a boat!
 photo FM_1_zpsd89ebca7.jpg
Our ala carte snacks!
 photo FM_4_zpsff2f6695.jpg


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