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Hanging out at Kue Balok Kang Didin

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This street vendor had been raved a lot and once a local newspaper published an article about this vendor. For your information, kue balok is a traditional snack from West Java area, it is made from flour and have a similar taste like pukis, waffle, or pancake. The difference is how they cooked, while the other are more modern, this one using specific equipment with brisket.

That day I had to pick up Aswin from the airport and since there still so much time until the airplane is landed, I decided to take a look this kue balok stall on jalan Abdurahman Saleh. The place wasn't hard to find because I could see motorcycles line up for on street parking and many people lounging around near the stall.

I opted for take away. I couldn't imagine myself hanging out with the youngster here. Well, I kind of tempted since the weather was cold and one or two drinks of wedang would warmed up my body. So, I just order 10 pieces of kue balok in variety of flavor, such as original, chocolate, and blueberry. The original one cost Rp. 1500,- and the one with flavoring cost Rp. 2000,-. I waited around 10-15 minutes for the kue balok.

Although some people said that it taste ordinary, but I think this one is quite different. It has more soft texture like pukis and after all it is good! So, I munched them while waiting Aswin in the airport.


Kue Balok Kang Didin
Jl. Abdurahman Saleh (in front of Neutron)
Telp. 081220349939

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The process of making kue balok
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The specific equipment that is used to make kue balok
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The infamous kue balok in various flavors
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The place is packed with people


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