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Es Doger....Alhamdulillah!

What I love from Bandung and the surrounding area is you can find almost any type of food and sometimes you found an interesting one.

That day I went to Griya Yogya department Store with my mom in Cibabat, Cimahi and I saw a tent in the corner of their parking lot that sold the variety of local snacks such as awug, es doger, es goyobod, and so on. Suddenly it reminded me of es doger in BSD which I've been missed a lot. So, why not bought one?

Es doger is one of traditional ice cream that is made from coconut milk and served with toppings like black sticky rice, peuyeum, crushed coconut, etc.

Es Doger Alhamdulillah
(They also serve Goyobod & Es Pisang Ijo)
Griya Yogya Parking Lot, Cibabat, Cimahi
Telp. 08568469958
BB 2a5a95b8

 photo ED_1_zps33da6271.jpg
Their small stall on the parking lot of Griya Yogya Cibabat
 photo ED_2_zps1730dd54.jpg
The Es Doger


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