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Breaking Fast in 2012: Warung Om~Duleh

We've been busy working on our master thesis and we haven't been seeing each other very often. So, why not have a gathering while break fasting? My friend, Hamdil picked up the place,while Yulia suggested it. The place is called Om Duleh, it served Sundanese traditional food, that's why their tagline is "makanan rakyat" or food for people. This place looked similar or had quite the same concept with restaurant called Bancakan on jalan Trunojoyo. Basically, the foods served as buffet and we took the food by ourselves, then at the end of the line you had to pay for the food. The concept also similar with Ampera (Sundanese Restaurant), Sari Bundo and so on. In the corner of the room, they provided tea for free.

So, I arrived at 5 pm and we already made reservation, but maybe everyone stuck in traffic jam or maybe it just our habit to come up late. Everyone showed up at 5.30 pm and the place became more and more crowded and by 5.45 pm people already took the food and the queue line was very long.  But after all I managed to have the food, but lot of foods already not available :( Hmmm...that's why everyone very eager to take the food so early, even when there's still 30 minutes until the time to break our fasting.

Since I was very hungry, I kind of wanted to take everything, then I ordered grilled chicken, chicken liver and tempeh, also I picked stir fry tofu and beansprout, perkedel jagung, lalap (vegetables) and sambal (chilli). It only cost Rp. 28.000,- Wow...quite cheap, I thought it cost me more than that, no wonder I coul see a lot of students ate here, probably because of the price.

Well, every gathering never missed photo session, so after our stomach were full and before we're going home, we had this photo session, thanks to Hamdil with his complete equipment of camera.

So, enjoy! Om Duleh with its makanan rakyat

Warung Om~Duleh: Makanan Rakyat
Jl. Hasanuddin No. 26
Bandung, Indonesia
Ph/F. +62 22 2500211

Interior #1: Before Breakfasting
Interior #2: Before Breakfasting
Serving Area #1: Before Breakfasting
Interior #3: After Breakfasting
Outdoor Seating Area: So Crowded!
Serving Area #2: After Breakfasting, Everything already running out
Tea for Free!
Rice with Stir Fry Tofu and Beansprout, Perkedel Jagung, Lalap & Sambal
Grilled Chicken, Chicken Liver & Tempeh
(Taken from Hamdil Facebook Photo)


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