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Cupcakes Invasion!

Except for people in clean eating program, everyone would love cupcakes. I love cupcakes. The cute little cakes with frosting on the top of it. We've been posting about cupcakes here, our first one was the red velvet one, various flavors and of course the infamous rainbow cupcake.

My first cupcake would be the one from Miki Ojisan No Mise for Aswin's birthday, they had decorate the frosting, I think it was in the shape of lion. It tasted delicious, well, I had never been disappointed by this vendor. The second one would be the cupcake from a cupcake vendor at Cilandak Town Square, Aswin bought this for my birthday in the following month, the appearance quite good and tasted OK. 

And here is the cupcake from Disini Bakery, the Mango Cheese and Blueberry, I think the Blueberry is the new one, we've never seen here before. Like always it is good. 

So, enjoy!

Blueberry Cupcake
Mango Cheese Cupcake
The Packaging
The Miki Ojisan No Mise Cupcake
The Cupcakes from Citos


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