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Breaking Fast in 2012: Le Mans Satay House, Bandung

On our first day of fasting, we decided to go and look for furniture while waiting for the Magrib adzan to be heard. As we are enjoying ourselves looking at the beautiful (and yet expensive) furniture in Index and Ace-Hardware, we lost count of time and suddenly the sun is already setting up quickly.
As we hurried to go back to our house (our plan was to have the 1st day feast in our house), we realized that the time might to be enough for us to make it on time. So we decided to do it at Le Mans Satay House.
It is our first time to eat here. Usually we order the satay for takeaway. But it's OK, as the satay is as ever delicious, their Gule (meat soup with coconut milk) is still the best, and they served Sarsaparila drink.
Yummy! A great way to break the 1st fasting day!

Le Mans Satay House
Jl. Lodaya
Bandung, Indonesia

Lamb and Chicken Satay
The Gule (Meat Soup with Coconut Milk)
Peanut Sauce + Soy Sauce + Condiments


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