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Waroeng Akam at Banteng Street, Bandung

It is been a while, almost a year in fact since this place opened in Banteng Street. We always passed it, and when we do we say to ourselves: next time I passed this street I will try to eat here.

And days passing by...

Days become weeks...

Weeks become months...

Months become almost a year...

Until today...

At first this was not our destined place, as I was planning to have a hair cut. But somehow faith interfere, and we ended up eating in this place...

The place called Waroeng Akam. Akam stands for Ayam Kampung (Local Chicken). Bandung has the privilege to be the 3rd city to have this restaurant open after Yogyakarta and Malang.

Their specialty is Deep Fried Local Chicken. You can choose the dish in two variations: Standard or Remesan (Crushed). The crushed version means that you don't have to worry about the bones, as the meat and skins are already fall off. I think this is a variant of Ayam Kremes which has already gained popularity a while ago.

Besides chicken, they also sell chicken offal meat such as the head, liver, and feet. I personally are not into those things, but Alia on the other hand really like liver. They also sell Tahu and Tempe Bacem, and Garang Asem (Local Central Java delicacy).

Since the chicken is local, the taste is sweeter and tastier compared with the free range chicken, however they have lesser meat compared with the free range chicken. They serve their chili condiments in two version: the sweet one and the super duper hot one. Alia says that the super duper hot chili reminds her of the Bebek Slamet one. I quickly agree since I don't want to taste the chili :). I have learned my hot chili lesson in painful way during my previous trip to Bebek Slamet hehehe... But for those who really enjoy hot sauce, this is one of the alternative.

So, if you are looking for another option to spend your lunch time around Buah Batu area, then this place can provide you with the alternative.


Waroeng Akam
Jl. Banteng No. 14

The Menu

Option of Food & Beverages

The Seating

What we ordered

Remesan Dada, Liver and Tahu Bacem

Tempe Bacem and Remesan Paha

The Super Duper Hot Chili

The Sweeter One


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