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Authentic Minang Catering, in Bandung Area, Anyone?

We have seen Catering serving Sate Padang in wedding before, but today we see something new.

Have you ever seen a Catering serving Rendang in a Wedding Banquet?

For us, this is new!

Rendang (An authentic Indonesian Food which claimed to be one of the best dish in the world by CNN) is notoriously hard to cook, as it takes a decent amount of time to make it (sometimes almost half a day can be spent to make them), and serving it in a catering is a harder challenge.

But, somehow they pulled it quite great. It is served simple, humbling, but pack with burst of taste. I can say as a Padang descendant, this rates as one of the best Rendang I have ever tasted. Their other Padang dish such as Sate Padang and Chili sauce also tasted great, but their Rendang undoubtedly is the star of the show.

Will try to influence some of my family gathering committee to use their service in the next Idul Fitri event.


Mega Sari Catering
CP: Fatma Reza
Kompleks Taman Mutiara
Blok DI/ 30
Cimahi - 40523
Phone: +6222 6632465
Mobile: +62 821 266 266 64 / +62 821 266 266 63

A Feast for the Eye (and stomach of course!) 


  1. Minang kateringnya boleh nih gan.. hhe

    Upload foto makanan favorit kamu disini juga ya < qraved.com >