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Kedai Kopi Bara: "Rasa Hotel, Harga Motel"

Currently we developed a new fun habit: Yoga. For more than a month now, every week in Tuesday we would join a Yoga class from 18.00-19.30. The goal is to balance our daily work (food blogging?) with regular exercise. Of course, after Yoga, we tend to develop a massive hunger, and usually we hunt for a new place to eat here.

Today is no different. One of our friend, Ramala, who also likes to go and do Yoga has introduced us to a new coffee spot in Jalan Aceh Bandung. Located in front of Hyatt Hotel Bandung, the place is quite small and is easy to miss if you don't pay attention to the road.

With seating for around 20 people, according to Ramala, this place is famous for it's grilled sandwich and coffee. When we go there, we the tagline of the coffee shop called "Rasa Hotel, Harga Motel" or translated in English "Hotel Taste, Motel Price", we are already encouraged with it. Now, for the tasting...

Ramala has reached the place earlier before we got there. She already ordered some food but have not yet ordered drink. We quickly ordered their Vietnamese Coffee Drip, Irish Coffee, and Affogato. For meal we ordered their lemon sandwich,martabak mie, fried tofu for snack and french fries + sausage combo.

Besides their coffee variation, they also serves local Indonesian coffee, such as Aceh, Toraja, Balinese, and others. For the serving they offered it in several techniques, including French Press and Pot.

After while of discussing, or more precisely: talking about random things, we ordered a second batch of serving consisted of Thai Iced Tea, more fried tofu, more grilled sandwich, and flavored tea.

After a while the night is getting late and we decided to end the day. Total of more 10 servings of food and beverages are ordered by us. Total cost? Rp 120.000,- or around $12! Not bad eh?

This is why we loved Bandung a lot. Hopefully it will stay this way ^_^.


Kedai Kopi Bara
Jalan Aceh (in front of Hyatt Hotel Bandung)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KedaiKopiBara


Vietnamese Coffee Drip

Irish Coffee

Sausage + French Fries Combo

Lemon Sandwich (This one is unique!)

Tahu Garam Pedas (Spicy Salty Fried Tofu)

Martabak Mie+Keju (Noodle+Cheese Savory Pancake)

Sausage+Omelette Grilled Sandwich

Thai Iced Tea

Tahu Goreng Tepung (Fried Floured Tofu)

The Logo


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